In-House Professional Gemologist

Keep Your Peace of Mind Knowing that Your Investment is Adequately Insured

To guarantee that your fine jewelry is adequately insured, it should generally be appraised every three years. After all, quality jewelry is an investment, and like any investment, values increase over time. It’s important that you regularly update your policy so that your insurance will adequately cover current replacement value in the event of a loss.

Professional Appraisals

Graduate GIA Gemologist

You may have jewelry that you are curious about… What is it? What’s the value? Should you insure it?  If you would like to have your stones identified or have questions about a piece of jewelry, our staff Gemologist Carey would be happy to discuss them with you at any time.

At Malloves, we recognize the importance of appraisal. To that end, we’ve established a regular appraisal service, available by appointment only. When you bring your jewelry to Malloves for appraisal, you’ll meet with a GIA Graduate gemologist. She’ll carefully examine your jewelry and provide a written appraisal that you can send to your insurance company so that those pieces are properly insured. There will be a charge for appraisals depending on material and stones, appraisal fees begin at $125 per piece. Carey will explain all fees upfront.

Meet Our Gemologist

Carey is our graduate Gemologist here at Malloves. We believe that our most important mission is excellent customer service–and Carey epitomizes that. She consistently goes the extra mile to provide careful examination and estimates, and that every customer is completely satisfied. We are lucky to have such a talented individual on the Malloves team.

For a gemologist appointment, please call 860-346-9204, ext 204

Insurance appraisal prices begin at $125 per piece.