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Pancakes should be for breakfast only.

I was talking to a friend about this blog.  I asked him what I should blog about. He said: “Prongs on rings. Why do they wear down and why do stones fall out?”   I thought it was the dumbest question ever.  Since I’m a Jeweler, I see broken prongs, thin prongs, missing stones daily.  After giving this some thought, it’s not a dumb question.  New prongs stick up. Old prongs wear down. Flat as a pancake. Hence my name “Pancaked Prongs.”

See those pancaked prongs around the center, white stone?  You don’t want them.

The Hidden Danger of Pancaked Prongs

Worn down prongs are one of the most common repair projects we have to deal with. It usually takes about 10 years of wear for the damaged, worn prongs to be obvious.  It happens over time with daily wear, but it can also happen when a ring is new and you hit your hand on a desk, etc.  You can lose your stones in your ring.  In order to avoid it, have your ring checked and cleaned every 3 months by a reputable jeweler.  It can make all the difference!