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Solitary Diamond Rings in CT

Diamond Engagement Rings, Male and Female Wedding Rings. For solitary diamond rings in CT, visit Malloves for personal service, convenient location.

Buying an Engagement Ring at Malloves Jewelers in Middletown, CT

Buying a diamond — whether for engagement or special occasion — can make you nervous. Can you trust the jeweler? Are you getting the best value for your money?

At Malloves, we strive to have a large and varied selection of diamonds from 1/4 carat to 3 carats and everything in between! And we don’t carry just any stones. We hand-select the best the diamonds so you know you’re getting the highest quality for your money. Our Malloves Lifetime Diamond Guarantee assures you that you can trust Malloves. All of our diamonds are certified Conflict-Free under the Kimberly agreement and it is important to us that our customers understand every aspect of conflict-free diamonds.

View a glimpse of our selection here.