The Henderson Collection is built on a principal of contrast, as it is designed to be contemporary yet classic, luxurious yet suitable for everyday wear. Inspired by his mother to create comfortable jewelry that could be worn daily, Lecil Henderson developed a patented Euro Flex bracelet consisting of 42 individual links that are cut at precise angles and hand assembled with a unique core allowing unprecedented flexibility. Henderson followed the same approach with his Euro Flex rings, which expand over the knuckle but then close comfortably on the back of the finger for a secure fit.

The Henderson Collection merges old-world craftsmanship with new-world technology for uniquely constructed necklaces, bracelets, and rings as well as hand-wrought filigree creations. Each piece carries a lifetime guarantee and is functional, practical, durable and stylish. Most importantly, because the jewelry is crafted by hand, clients are able to customize every aspect to fit their needs, including the length, width, shape and color of their selections.

Handmade Fashion Jewelry, Luca by Lecil’s original designs represent a bold fusion of classic & modern Italian design. All natural stones; sterling silver with 18K vermeil, hand crafted leather & white sapphires. Retail’s from $100-$990. 18K/SS Venetian & Firenze Enamel bracelets available in any color.

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