Malloves 90-facet Round Diamonds

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It was fate you found each other. Show her she’s the light and fire of your soul with a Malloves Diamond. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before.

The 90 facets versus the traditional 58 facets of a round brilliant diamond maximize brilliance, fire and sparkle. The play of light in this diamond makes it beautiful. It is a collection of prisms and mirrors and the alignment of these is what makes the Malloves Diamond more beautiful and extraordinary.

The light entering from any direction is completely reflected throughout the top (Brilliance). It’s dispersed into a display of sparkling flashes (Scintillation) and rainbow colors (Fire). Inside the diamond, the facets act as mirrors, creating maximum Brilliance balanced by Fire and accented by Scintillation. That is the secret to the dazzle of destiny.

Every Malloves Diamond has high standards of proportion, polish and symmetry which delivers a bigger, brighter and brilliant appearance.

Pricing for a half-carat Malloves Diamond starts at just $1,495

The Malloves Diamond is incomparable to ordinary round diamonds in the same price range. You have to see this extraordinary diamond for yourself, but the only place you’ll find a true Malloves Diamond is at Malloves Jewelers of Middletown